ONE WAY RED (Dani Solomon): SoLow review

Dani Solomon’s ONE WAY RED, a 40-minute sojourn to Mars, is inspired by testimonials from folks who are seriously vying for a one way ticket to go to the red planet. Solomon’s beautifully expressive tale begins with the business of prioritizing what to pack for space, as she relates her character’s historical sense of destiny towards that “planet of superlatives” with endearing enthusiasm. Moments of comedy and music make the surreal decision to travel so far away, forever, all the more poignant.

Paired with John Cherney’s HUMAN & AUTISMAN as part of SoLow Fest, ONE WAY RED travels through an amazing range of emotion, from bright-eyed determination and mystic dreams of a space pool, to ‘blast off’, landing and planting Martian potatoes, to the plucking of one sad, last note in the dark, alone… [Headlong Studios, 1170 S. Broad St] June 19-26, 2015;

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