HUMAN & AUTISMAN (John Cherney): SoLow review

human-autism-solowJohn Cherney weaves a illuminating narrative reflecting on the validity of feeling alone, isolation, autism and the science and nature of universal connectivity in HUMAN & AUTISMAN.  Through his moving, firsthand accounts of working with autistic individuals, demonstrative acting ability, spiked with related research (mirror neurons, echolalia), some of the things that may differentiate these individuals from others is explored.

Paired with Dani Solomon’s ONE WAY RED as part of SoLow Fest, HUMAN & AUTISMAN raises thought-provoking questions about feeling self conscious for being alone, our connections to one another, and the science and nature of quantum entanglement. It’s a captivating half hour foray towards an open door to another realm of experience. [Headlong Studios, 1170 S. Broad Street] June 19-26, 2015;


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