Everybody’s talking about TIMON OF ATHENS (PAC)

Philadelphia Artists Collective Timon of Athens reviewWith their engaging interpretations of classic plays, Philadelphia Artists’ Collective has established a reputation as one of the best and boldest independent theater companies in town. Each new production is now eagerly anticipated by local theater fans, perhaps none more so than the current entry into their first full season: TIMON OF ATHENS, an entertaining take on one of William Shakespeare least staged plays.

TIMON is more HENRY VI, PART ONE (understandably unstaged) and less TITUS ANDRONICUS (a lamentably underrated Shakespeare piece), but it is rich in brilliant language and penetrating insight. Director Dan Hodge’s presentation is coherent and strong, if not flawless. (Read my ¬†review on Stage Magazine.)

If you don’t catch this production, you may be hard pressed to find another one. And as evidenced by these outtakes from recent and upcoming Phindie podcasts, everyone is talking TIMON:

Hear Phindie podcast hosts Christopher Munden and John Rosenberg’s uninformed pre-opening discussion of TIMON OF ATHENS with local actor Brian McCann. (Full podcast here) (Listen or download here.)

Hear Christopher Munden and Michelle Pauls (Walking Fish Theatre) discuss the PAC production of TIMON with John Rosenberg. (Full podcast coming soon.) (Listen or download here.) SPOILER ALERT!

April 4-20, 2013. philartistscollective.org.

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