WHAT NARWHALS TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE (Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins): Fringe Review 77

Excerpted from thINKingDANCE.net. Republished by kind permission.

Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins, dance veterans of the Philadelphia scene, set their work, WHAT NARWHALS TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE, in Lee’s living room of her small home on Montrose Street in South Philly in the on-and-off tradition of the Rowhouse Fringe.

Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins in What Narwhals Talk About When They Talk About Love. Photo by Felicia Graumann.

Donning costumes by Heidi Barr of a projecting narwhal tusk, heads sheathed with long greyish wigs and dressed in silvery shifts and culottes, Lee and Elkins played off the eccentricity of this “unicorn of the sea” in a fun, narwhalean take on iconic pop songs about love from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and others. Lee and Elkins nicely interspersed their sketches with some ballet steps and torso gyrations but might have brought more quirkiness and humor into the body and movement as was done once with a series of head turns. Read the full review on thINKingDANCE.net. [Grace’s House, 731 Montrose Street] September 10-17, 2014 (added performances September 24 and October 8, 2014, email leslieelkins47@gmail.com for details); fringearts.com/what-narwhals-talk-about-when-they-talk-about-love.

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