BROKEN ROAD (Joanna McBride): Fringe Review 71

A thought-provoking performance, BROKEN ROAD explores the tension that tears apart families. Choreographer Joanna McBride uses ballet-inspired movement, drawing from her own experience to drive the narrative. Threading together themes of love, shattered loyalty, and grief, BROKEN ROAD left the audience in tears.

Broken-Road_Joanne-McBride-300x297The cast featured five dancers and two vocalists, the highlight of which was the adorable 8-year-old Gianne Carbonetta (daughter), Danny Venini (brother) displayed stunning lines, while Francis Markocki (father) possessed a solid technical background. All of the castmembers expertly expressed their emotions, especially Alyssa Seagraves (older daughter) and Ashley Antista (mother) in the final moments of the play. For a first-time artist, Joanna McBride created a compelling, poignant, and well-received story. [Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street] September 16-20, 2014;

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