THE ORGASM CHRONICLES (OneTaste Philly): Fringe Review 59

After seeing the ORGASM CHRONICLES, a friend asked me, “Did it suck?”
My answer: “Absolutely not, but it did not exactly blow me away”.

There is no denying that intensity could be felt pulsating throughout the room. The dramatic narrators (Sofia Lloyd,Tom Summerville, Mamapaolo Mokeyane, Rhianna Gaehring) each voice acutely detailed stories of sexual exploits, dating disasters/successes, and intimate gatherings, split into categories of dialogue including connection and desire. Some of the stories are reflective, self-loathing, flat and unfulfilling. Other tales are silly, satisfying, and full of “climax or perish” moments.

The-Orgasm-Chronicles-by-OneTaste-Philly_OneTaste-PhiladelphiaThe setting of Biello Martin Studio is fitting: totally untouched from how any visitor would see it during the day, with the simple addition of more chairs; naked compared to a frilly set or overly adorned backdrop. During the most compellingly audible “soft and hard” moments, it is easy to feel lost in the words being heard, as it feels to be lost in the heat of the moment with a beloved partner or juicy fantasy. [Biello Martin Studio, 148 North 3rd Street] September 7-21, 2014.

Even more educational and waggish than hearing about other peoples’ sexual adventures in carefully choreographed open-mic-style verses are the classes offered by the group responsible for the show. OneTaste Philadelphia hosts classes on “living magically” and “orgasmic meditation”. For year-round programming information, visit

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