THEOREM (Greg Kennedy): Fringe Review 11

Cirque du Soleil alumnus Greg Kennedy toys with the concepts of innovation, invention, and collaboration through circus arts in his new performance THEOREM. Joined by five other artists, this playful show utilizes many dynamic structures and props. The piece almost seems to tell a story, albeit a simple one – a team of artists exploring the possibilities inherent in a ball, a wooden box, a piece of iron, or their own bodies. The show is precise and visually stunning as Kennedy and his team create one kinetic sculpture after another.

Theorem_Greg-Kennedy-Innovative-JugglerV2Most remarkably, THEOREM adapts types of performance art from the circus tent or amphitheater to an intimate, minimalistic staging. Accompanied by live music, the show is an artful approach to circus arts like juggling and contortion. It hypnotizes, mesmerizes and actually takes your breath away. The six artists create an experience steeped in suspense which rewards us with awe and stunning images. Despite some awkwardness in the artists’ silent exchanges, THEOREM realizes its goal and remains a dazzling installation in this year’s Fringe. [Funicular Station] September 5-21, 2014,


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