The Return of the mEEps (White Pines)

Brooke Fitzgerald, Katherine Perry and Cindy Spitko in Ed Swidey's mEEp.
Brooke Fitzgerald, Katherine Perry and Cindy Spitko in Ed Swidey’s mEEp.

A mEEp can be described as vaguely human, small in stature, and absolutely bouncing with an eager and preternaturally curious amount of positive energy. mEEps tend to communicate through physical gesture, but are also known to speak the word “mEEp” on occasion. It is, in fact, the only word they need to mean anything that needs to be said. That is, until mysterious strangers wash ashore on their idyllic, island home and turn their world upside down.

Last seen in Simpatico Theatre Project’s 2012 production, The mEEp Project, mEEps are a creation of local actor Ed Swidey (now onstage in EgoPo’s Gint). These peculiar creatures are back for one night May 9, 2014, at White Pines Productions new performing arts space, White Pines Place in Elkins Park, Pa. Described as “an imaginative all-ages adventure about the importance of community and fellowship:, mEEp is part of “Screen-Free Week” a nation-wide initiative by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood to encourage people to turn away from computers and TV, if only for a mEEp. [White Pines Place, 7908 High School Road, Elkins Park, PA] May 9, 2014,

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