The fault, dear Brutus, Act III: Makoto Hirano interviews Lantern AD Charles McMahon about “Super Racist” Julius Caesar

Phindie has been following with interest the brouhaha surrounding Lantern Theater Company’s flawed production of Julius Caesar. Talented Japanese American actor/creator Makoto Hirano called out the production’s “Super Racism” for choosing a feudal Japanese setting for the play, without casting any Asian American actors. (Read his full letter here). To get more context on Makoto’s complaints, Phindie asked him a few questions about his letter. In the interview, he promised a joint statement with Lantern.

Here it is. Makoto asks Lantern artistic director Charles McMahon some tough questions: What the heck happened? What was up with the costume choices? Is your company racially insensitive to Japanese, Japanese Americans, or Asian Americans in general? And a clearly contrite McMahon does his best to explain the process that lead to the company’s misguided choices. It’s nice to see the pair sit down to talk it out, let’s hope this episode informs future discussions in Philadelphia theater.

Interview with Charles McMahons from Makoto Hirano on Vimeo.


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