NO RESERVATIONS (PNAA): 60-second review

no-reservations-piven-reviewAs the holiday season begins, so does the decorating process.  We all have those neighbors who take the time to remind us about the true story of Christmas, by displaying entire Nativity scenes on their front lawns.  There are the mini plastic stables, the token surrounding characters, the ever-smiling Mary, and, last but not least, the freshly born baby Jesus. Upon passing by, have you ever caught yourself wondering what a modern-day Nativity scene might look like?  NO RESERVATIONS, the latest play written by best-selling author Joshua Piven, puts our wondering to a stop. The sensational cast takes us into a world where instead of three kings, Mary might have had three likes on her first picture of baby Jesus within the first three minute of uploading. We see the scheming, lying, and all sorts of silly behavior that people will do for some quick attention, in today’s constant buzz of social-media.

A star-studded mix-up, a true obsession over celebrity, and a somehow laughable sense of togetherness in this play is nothing short of a reminder: While the holidays might not always be relaxing, or bear the best gifts for all of us, they should always be memorable, and end in one huge party. For Christ’s sake, NO RESERVATIONS is sure to bring any holiday enthusiast the perfect amount of cheer. [Skybox at The Adrienne] November 29-December 15,

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