Fringe in Sketch: CYBORG DREAMS (Curt Haworth Movement and Performance)

The piece lands in the not-so-distant future, when humans have evolved with their technology to become one. This is a nonlinear journey through the reimagined now, a world afflicted by global warming with vast forest fires, impossibly strong hurricanes, sprawling human construction, and all of the waste that follows- war, famine, and greed, that has spun our society out of control. With live music from Tim Motzer. The final show is Friday, September 29, at 5pm — go to for tickets.

To see the rest of the sketches from the show go to,, or

Two cyborgs (Andrew Smith and Kaijo Caggins) embrace while the great shadow of a cyborg (Amalia Colon-Nava) dances slowly down the ladder.

A moment of leg communication. Cyborg (Kayliani Sood) on top of another cyborg (Andrew Smith)

A cyborg kick (Kaijo Caggins)

In a moment of unity, one cyborg helps the other to stand up and dance. (Kayliani Sood and Kaijo Caggins)

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