Fringe in Sketch: DILDOS AND BODY PARTS (Diva D’Luscious)

Dating is hard — especially as a newly human, newly single mermaid. This original and irreverent modern day fairy-tale, straight from the clubs of Berlin, features six musicalburlesque routines interwoven with comedic monologues and multimedia to tell a farcical and heart felt story of love and self discovery from Diva D’Luscious. The last show is Thursday, September 14th at 8:30pm in the Ruba Club. Go to for tickets.

[Diva D’Luscious at the Ruba Club] September 7-14, 2023;

To see the rest of the sketches from the show go to,, or

As a mermaid I only have one hole. (Diva D’Luscious)

Presenting the dildo. (Diva D’Luscious)

“I’m your momma, but I don’t want to be your mother.” (Diva D’Luscious)

Diva D’Luscious finds the head of a boyfriend but they are having problems.

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