Fringe in Sketch: ODYSSEUS (Kingfisher Theatre)

Odysseus is a bold and emotional tour de force, a compelling one-man play based on Homer’s epic Greek tale. Accompanied only by musician Rob Aptaker. The original work follows the mythical ten-year journey of Odysseus, who is struggling to make his way home after the Trojan War.

[Kingfisher Theatre at Pig Iron Studio B] September 6-10, 2023;

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Odysseus (Bill George) introduces the audience to his epic survival of the ten year Trojan War.

Odysseus (Bill George) prepares to make his ten year odyssey home.

Odysseus (Bill George) remembers the deceit at the heart of the Trojan War. Rob Aptaker beats the drum of war.

The King of Ithaca (Bill George) is baked by the bright sun at sea.

Rob Aptaker provides a storm at sea.

Laertes (Bill George) finally realizes his long lost son, Odysseus, has returned.

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