7 common misconceptions not to be believed by rabona1 players

Despite the fact that modern online playgrounds try to make the process of interaction with the user as transparent and understandable as possible for him, there are still people who believe in banal «horror stories». On the Internet you can find stories about that allegedly some slots are twisted, and it is simply impossible to win in them, or the fact that some users have won bonuses, which cannot be withdrawn. But does this really happen, for example, if we are talking about rabona1 on the link https://rabona.com/it/? No. If we are talking about a legal casino, then there is no need to doubt the safety and that the administration will fulfill all the conditions of the offer. Another thing is if a person has chosen a site that does not have a license. In this case, indeed, problems may arise. Let’s try to analyze 7 popular misconceptions of users and show why they are not typical for a reliable casino.

Immediately after registration, a person can win, but then the return of the slot will be zero

Where this myth came from is unclear. Probably in the early days of the game industry, there was a widespread belief that the developers themselves decide who and when to give the winnings. But in fact, this is not the case. The operation of the slots is regulated by a random number generator. And it is impossible to trace exactly when the prize combination appears on his algorithm.

Money on the deposit account can be used by the administration of the service

No, it’s not possible. Employees do not have access to this confidential information. Indeed, casino employees on the Internet have access to some data, but they will not be able to manage finances.

Documents submitted by the client can be used for dishonest purposes

The user’s personal data is really needed for registration. However, not in order to use them in some unfair scheme. Employees of the rabona1 service need them primarily in order to confirm the identity of the account holder, to make sure that he has reached the age of majority.

Possible problems with the state authorities because of taxes

Legal casinos, such as rabona1, operate in accordance with the current legislation of the country. From the amount of the prize is calculated a certain percentage in favor of the state. Therefore, players should not worry that even after receiving a large win they, will face some problems. The taxation mechanism is well established.

If the user receives a super prize, the site blocks it

Some users believe that if you manage to win the jackpot, the site will do everything possible not to give it away. But that’s not the case at all. Legal casinos, such as rabona1, will in no case create obstacles to obtaining a financial profit, if all the conditions of the offer have been met.

But, of course, we cannot deny the fact that gambling sites for some reason can really block their customers. This usually happens if it is discovered that the hotel is a bonus hunter, fraudster, or minor.

Winnings turn into bonuses, which can be disposed of only on the casino site

Reliable casinos never do this. The won funds are transferred to the main account and become real money upon withdrawal. In addition, if a person wagering all the bonus funds, they also become real money.

It’s easy to deposit funds, but it’s harder to withdraw them

We will not deny the fact that the playground can block the user and freeze his account. But this happens extremely rarely and for a reason. This happens due to unfair play. The write-off of winnings does not occur without an explanation, the user can always appeal such a decision.



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