There (Wilma): 2019 Fringe review

Wilma Theatre presented the stage to be this movable thing, throughout the season the stage was different at every performance. The theater in the round, and the poems of Etel Adnan were an array of light, color, and dance theater is the way I think about it. This is the kind of color I miss, by not going to see theater or leaving the house is when we miss the outside world. The landscape is a cosmic trip that combined both poetry and performance.

The poetry felt most relevant to the political borders, but Edel Adnan puts a rational spin on human decency and the natural world. Most beautiful about the poetry was a transient experience. Since we have been living in a world that is without most things we are used to, like public gatherings or spontaneously running into an old friend, we have this poetry to make sense of the world around us.

There are many ways that we have tried to make sense of things through media and history. The Decameron came to mind as well as other apocalyptic literature, The events bring back a solemn mood, one much like September 11, or it seems to resonate with a WWI destitute of when will this be through. I can remember the 2018 Fringe presentation of Heiner Goebbel’s Songs Of War I Have Seen. In the sounds, and words of Gertrude Stein life just did not seem the same.

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