Cartography (Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers): 2019 Fringe review

What is a map? Geologically we know that a map shows our place on the earth. The journey one takes to cross the globe can be another kind of map. At the Fringe Festival 2019, when we could all freely enjoy the pleasures of entertainment, art, and culture this cardboard backdrop created what seemed like a fortress. This cardboard fortress presented a surface, a material, a bare essential support, and at the same time shows an absence of character, identity, and structure.

The set was constructed and deconstructed throughout the play.  The subject of immigration and the setting of a refugee camp bring tears to those who know what it is like. Many people do not know what it is like not have a home, and who feel they are in between belonging and rejection.

The cardboard boxes with a projection of a seascape show how this journey permits a danger, an isolated reality, and a vast psychological barrier. The waiting, the assortment of legal documents, and the path of migration hinder at the identity of a global issue. Shouldn’t we all feel like we belong?

[Christ Church Neighborhood Church] September 12-14, 2019;

Words and sketches by Chuck Schultz.

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