Live Casino vs Traditional Casinos

The world’s first casino was established all the way back in 16th Century Venice, and since then these establishments have become beacons for all kinds of gamblers looking to get their fix. Whilst they have existed since the 16th century, casinos as we know them today only really started becoming prominent in the 1800s, buoyed by the incredible demand for the game of roulette above anything else. 

By the mid 20th century casinos were everywhere, and places like Las Vegas were beginning to create pretty much their whole economy upon these places. And then came the 21st century, where the emergence of online casinos has completely shaken the entire industry up. Live casino is an important part of online casino, but how does it fair alongside traditional casinos? Read on to find out.

Live Casino: Can play from the comfort of your own home 

One of the major benefits for gamblers playing on live casino sites like Kingcasino is that they don’t actually have to leave their own home in order to gamble, which makes a vast difference, especially if you don’t happen to live anywhere near a brick and mortar casino. This is a huge reason why live casino has got so popular these days; it is just so much more practical to actually gamble on. 

The great thing about live casino is that it retains the human aspect too, unlike other online casino games. Gamblers can have their cards dealt by a real life dealer on video link, something that makes the whole experience that little bit more special. 

Traditional Casino: Nothing can beat the real thing 

Despite how often people try and invent something to topple the traditional casino hegemony it seems that it is still pretty hard to beat the real thing. Realistically traditional casinos have spent the last few centuries building up their status, and it has resulted in some absolutely phenomenal establishments springing up. 

Sure there are many underwhelming brick and mortar casinos, but travel to places like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau and you will quickly see why many people continue to prefer traditional casinos. 

Live Casino: Much more casino promotion offers to take use of 

One good thing about the entire online casino world is that sites regularly offer some pretty crazy promotion offers in order to attract new gamblers, and this is great news as it means that gamblers can receive things like free spins and cash back whilst gambling. 

This kind of thing doesn’t really exist in the traditional casino world, especially not in the huge and critically acclaimed super casinos – there is no need for them to make these offers.

Traditional Casino: Gamblers often play better in real life 

One thing that is difficult to argue against is the fact that gamblers often have more luck when playing in real life traditional casinos, simply because they are more focussed on the game at hand. Live casino is all well and good, but it is much easier to switch off on the coach than in a bustling casino.

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