10 Slot Tips That Will Help You Win

Slots can produce big winning spins but they can also take all your hard earned cash too. When online slots arrived on the market in 1996, punters spun the reels and hoped for the best. Admittedly, this is still the case as each slot spin at www.paybymobilecasino.com is random, however, more is known about slots and online casinos these days and terms like high volatility and low volatility have  come into play. Punters are now aware of other terms too such as RNG and RTP, but with all this new knowledge, can punters win more on slots now than they used to? Here are 10 slot tips to aid your play. 

1 Pick Your Casino Carefully 

Back in the early days of casinos there wasn’t much in the way of regulation and casinos could behave as they wished to and this was sometimes to the detriment of the punter. Now casinos have to abide to strict laws including keeping player funds separate from casino funds. This means that if casinos cease to operate for whatever reason, only the business funds will be affected and players will still be able to access and withdraw their winnings. Always look for the UK Gambling Commission logo before you join a casino. 

2 No Deposit Bonuses 

Yes, no deposit bonuses do actually exist and they are a common tactic used by casinos to fish for new players. Once you join you get some free cash with wagering requirements attached. If you win you can easily meet these requirements and bank some cash without making a deposit. 

3 New Player Bonuses 

Other bonuses worth chasing are deposit match welcome offers. Many casinos are willing to match your first few deposits with 100% or 50% bonus cash. 

4 RTP Of Slots 

All slots should have their RTP or Return To Player percentage displayed online and the trick is to play those that return the highest percentage of your stake back to you. Some slots come in at an impressive 98%. 

5 Know What Slots To Avoid 

If you are not a high roller and are not playing slots just for the thrill, then avoid slots that are described as high variance. These have low RTP scores and will only hinder your winning cause. 

6 Cash In Your Winnings 

Regularly banking your winnings as you play will mean that your cash balance will never hit the buffers. The best place for any profits is in your bank account and not in your casino balance where temptation awaits. 

7 Know Your Limits 

Always gamble with what you can afford to lose and budgeting your gameplay before you start spinning is highly advisable. 

8 Random Jackpots 

If jackpot slots tempt you, then it’s best to play the random drop ones instead of the notoriously difficult progressive jackpot slots. 

9 Always Bet Sensibly 

Max betting does not mean that you will win big, slowly build your bets up once you have enough money to do so. 

10 Responsible Gaming 

Remember to use responsible gambling tools such as deposit limits when you join a casino.

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