Anna Christie by Eugene O’Neill (1922): Chosen by Committee Episode 4

Josh Herren, John Rosenberg, and Christopher Munden have set out to read and talk about every play which ever won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The resulting podcast, Chosen by Committee, is available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and elsewhere.

This week the pod discuss Eugene O’Neill’s fascinating sea shanty Anna Christie.

The excerpt, from Act 3, is read by NY actor Brandon Walters, Curio Theater artistic director Paul Kuhn, and Temple acting major Judy Gallagher. Anna Christie (Gallagher) has come to stay with her father, old sea captain Chris Christopherson (Kuhn), who is upset by her burgeoning relationship with Irish sailor Mat Burke (Walters). When the men compete over her affection, Anna is forced to receive some truths about her past. Watch above or listen here.

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