Songs That Will Make You Want to Gamble at a Casino

Everyone knows about the immense influence a nice alteration of musical notes can have on a person. Music can make people cry by arranging words and tunes in a way that makes you remember all that you have lost. It can also make you smile when you were expecting a teeth shine the least. Songs can inspire and motivate you to go for something that you have been thinking for a long time but never got the courage to attempt. This is why music and songs are addressed as the true depiction of emotions and are considered a universal thing. Did you know that a space shuttle that was thrown into space with the hope of no return but to send out a message that we exist also has music from different countries? 

Such is the effect of music. Similarly, there are many songs that with their lyrics and music can inspire you to gamble in casinos. They can inspire you to take risks and build opportunities, which is an integral part of growing up. Here are the top 4. 

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

You all might have heard of this song. This is one of the many songs that made Lady Gaga the pop star she is known as now. This song is nothing less than an Anthem for someone who loves playing Pokies. The lyrics of the song goes from showing the uncertainty of the game and then comes to hiding your emotions behind that non-expressive face, also called the Poker face. The song and music have the perfect percentage of casino aura and uncertain fun of this game. 

Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Anybody who has heard an 80s rock song knows what an ever-lasting impression the songs of that time had on our minds. The guitar riffs and mind-boggling lyrics could turn up the day for you any time you hear them. Ace of Spade by Motorhead is one such rock anthem for people who like to take risks. The hard-hitting rhythm and meaningful but fun lyrics of the song ask you to stand up and make it big right away. 

I Wanna be Rich by Calloway

There is no denying the fact that once in our lifetime, we have all dreamt of being rich. Becoming a millionaire has rather been a dream to the larger section of the world. This is exactly what this fun song brings before you. All that you could do if you become rich is there in the lyrics of the song. The music that accompanies will make you want to dream big, win a jackpot, gamble at a casino. 

Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive

You already know what this song is going to be about as soon as you hear the name of the song. Roulette and slots are a part of casinos that can literally spin the wheel of fortune for you. The most thrilling games of a casino. The song brings out the desire to try out spinning to make it big in your life. This topper of charts in its time is the perfect song to make your gambling experience exactly what it is — ‘epic’.

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