Preparation Guide: How to Ace Cisco 300-410 Exam Using Practice Tests?

Cisco 300-410ENARSI, or Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing & Services, is a 90-minute certification exam that leads to the award of the CCNP Enterprise certification. The test is designed to validate the candidates’ knowledge and skills in troubleshooting and implementing advanced routing technologies & services, which include VPN services, Layer 3, infrastructure services, infrastructure automation, and infrastructure security.

It is essential to mention that the first exam date for this certification test will be on February 24, 2020. Those candidates who are planning to write the exam have ample time to prepare for it. In case you are going to take this Cisco test, the tips shared here will help you make the best of your preparation. If you are aiming at the first exam date, it is recommended that you check out Pearson VUE for the registration details.As for the exam fee, Cisco has not yet released information about it so that the students know how much to pay. Therefore, you can also watch out for the fee on the certification webpage.

Preparation Tips to Excel in Cisco 300-410 Exam

Preparation is very critical for your exam success. If you don’t take time to study and prepare, your chances will be relatively low. Here we’ll share some basic tips that can go a long way to help you with your preparation process.


  • Understand the exam objectives


The best place to start your preparation is on the official certification page. Take your time to go through information and get familiar with the exam topics. If you are new to the Cisco tests, it is recommended that you review the exam policy and all available details. The information provided on the site is designed to help you work through the certification process in a seamless manner. For the Cisco 300-410 exam, the topic areas that the candidates should study before attempting the test are highlighted below:

  • Layer 3 Technologies: This covers 35% of all exam questions, and the students are required to understand the process involved in troubleshooting administrative distance; route map for routing protocol; loop prevention mechanism; redistribution between routing sources or routing protocols; manual & auto summarization with routing protocol; configuring & verifying policy-based routing.
  • VPN Technologies: This covers 20% of the exam content and requires that the candidates develop competence in describing MPLS operations, such as LSR, LSP, LDP, and label switching; describing MPLS Layer-3 VPN; configuring & verifying DMVPN, including NHRP, IPsec, GRE/mGRE, dynamic neighbor, and Spoke-to-Spoke.
  • Infrastructure Security: This also covers 20% of the exam content. The test takers should be able to troubleshoot device security with IOS AAA, such as RADIUS, TACACS+, and local database; troubleshoot features of router security, including uRPF, IPv6 traffic filter, and IPv4 access control lists. This topic also covers areas such as troubleshooting control plane policing and describing the features of IPv6 First Hop security.
  • Infrastructure Services: This makes up 25% of the whole exam and requires the understanding of troubleshooting device management, SNMP, network problems with logging, IPv4 & IPv6 DHCP, network performance problems with IP SLA, NetFlow, network problems with Cisco DNA Center assurance.

It is critical that you study these objectives and fully understand them before trying to pass the Cisco 300-410 exam.


  • Choose your preparation resources carefully


As you already know, the Cisco 300-410 exam is a new addition to the stable of Cisco but this doesn’t mean that the topics of the test are entirely new. This means there are resources available to help you make the best of your preparation. There are many prep platforms that you can use to start your preparation process. As mentioned above, read the exam objectives before choosing study materials. With this, you can be certain that the tools you are using are relevant. One of the websites where you can find reliable resources for your preparation is Exam-Labs. This platform offers numerous materials, including training courses, practice questions, brain dumps, videos, blog articles and many other important tools that will help you prepare adequately for the certification exam.

Also, the Cisco learning platform has a comprehensive library where you can access training tools for your exam preparation. For instance, the vendor recommends the training course, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing & Services. Although this instructor-led classroom course has not yet been released, you can access it through one of the authorized learning partners of Cisco across the world when it is available.


  • Get hands-on experience


To fully develop competence in the exam content, you need some level of experience working on the technology of the test. Therefore, it is recommended that you get involved in practicing with labs. You can explore the Cisco training library to get access to them. You can also create a personal lab to help you along the way. There are many platforms online that offer the learners training on how to build labs for exam preparation. This may be a great help to you.


  • Take practice tests


When you have studied and understood the content of the certification test to a great extent, you need to evaluate your knowledge before the real exam. You can’t afford not to take practice tests before you seat for your Cisco exam. There are various platforms where you can access mock tests. Exam-Labs offers you the perfect opportunity to explore different full-length practice questions for your certification exam. You can also check out braindumps on this site. It is essential to mention that they have been verified by the IT experts in the industry, so you can be sure that you are working with authentic resources during your preparation.


You have everything you need to excel in the Cisco 300-410 exam at your first attempt. You just need to explore and get down to the business of study.

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