Fringe in Sketch: THE INSANITY OF MARY GIRARD (Allens Lane)

In 1790, the wife of noted Philadelphian Stephen Girard awoke to find herself in the mental asylum at The Pennsylvania Hospital. How did she get here? Why has her husband not come to have her released? Is it all a mistake, or is she truly insane? Find out for yourself at the Allens Lane Theater this September and until October 6th. Go to

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at

Scan-190925-0005Mary Girard (Sarah Heddins) is stopped from leaving by the Warder (Sean Vermeire).

Scan-190925-0008Mary Girard (Sarah Heddins) calls out for help. Stephen Girard (Jim Broyles) and Mr. Phillips (William R. McHattie) remain in the dark.

Scan-190925-0009“Where’s Polly?” asks the Furies (Browning Sterner and Sarah Palmatory).

Scan-190925-0013Another visitor is projected in. Stephen Girard (Jim Broyles) versus Mary Girard (Sarah Heddins)

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