Fringe in Sketch: BASEMENT (Gunnar Montana)

Follow one man’s frightening descent into deranged madness and witness his unrelenting, visceral nightmare unfold. Graphic content. Runs through September 28 at the Latvian Society. Get your tickets to this horror trip at

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at

Scan-190924-0009Flesh Mask (Gunnar Montana) hears voices from above and climbs the steps out of the basement.

Scan-190924-0010A dance in the tub. (Jessica Daley)

Scan-190924-0017Flesh Mask (Gunnar Montana) is after captive (Danielle Currica) with his favorite pipe wrench. The other captive (Stephi Lyneice) tries to hid behind a chair.

Scan-190924-0020The captive (Stephi Lyneice) does a final dance for Flesh Mask (Gunnar Montana) as the other captive (Danielle Currica) picks up the cinder block.

[Latvian Society, 531 N. 7th Street] September 5–28, 2019;

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