Fringe in Sketch: PRESTIGE DRAMA (Good Good Comedy)

One man is pushed to the edge in a story of betrayal, sex, drugs, murder, hot dogs, karaoke, and muscle milk. See the cable drama come to life yourself and visit Good Good Comedy in Chinatown. Go to for tickets.

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at


The police and the FBI discuss the dead body. Officer Travolta (Robert Ecks) and agent Simmons (Michael S. Watkins).

Scan-190919-0006bJoe Bell (Wallace Brown) argues with Cody Swanson (Michael S. Watkins) about their next move, while Scrotum (Kyle Harris) plays video games.

Scan-190919-0009Joe Bell (Wallace Brown) has a session with his dorito eating psychiatrist Dr. Mommalini (Caitlin Feeney).

Scan-190919-0011The hot dog business has been too much. Joe Bell (Wallace Brown) needs the help of the magician (Tan Hoang).

[Good Good Comedy Theatre, 215 North 11th Street] September 18–21, 2019;

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