Fringe in Sketch: ROLL PLAY: An Improvised Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons & Improv! Like Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets The Lord of the Rings, Roll Play cleverly combines fantasy storytelling games with interactive improv comedy. With YOUR suggestions shaping the world, the characters, and their quest, every show is a brand new adventure! Add to the adventure on September 15th at 7pm and the 20th at 8pm.

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at

[Csz Philadelphia at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom Street] September 8–20, play 3

Imagined environment with color. The Rogue (Emily Davis) and the The Wizard (Adam Cooper) try to cross the magical fjord that has lava flowing through it. NPC (Kevin Regan) helps them cross on ropes. NPC are non player characters that can assume different roles.

Scan-190910-0002NPC (Kevin Regan) affirms that he will serve White Claw. A member of the audience Keri Hanson begins to finds him entertaining.

Scan-190910-0005The Fighter (Jessie Preisendorfer) uses her magical sword to iron a cape. (Kevin Regan)

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