THE SEA VOYAGE (PAC): 2019 Fringe review

sea-voyage-pacPAC delivers to us the often overshadowed by the Tempest classic comedy by Fletcher and Massinger, The Sea Voyage. Appropriately produced in the Independence Seaport Museum, this production brings the comic phallic allusions and swashbuckling expected in Jacobean theater, as well as the freshness of innovative fight choreography (Eli Lynn, fight director) and rule-breaking comic bits. The Sea Voyage follows two sets of castaway groups marooned years apart on two separate islands featuring a Amazonian-esque society of women.

 Dan Hodge effectively uses the space provided (although seeing passersby peer through the windows is half the fun) with his physical direction. Although there is no weak link in the ensemble, Andrew Criss (Tibalt), particularly fills the space well with stage presence and vocal ability. 

[The Philadelphia Artists’ Collective in collaboration with the Independence Seaport Museum, 211 S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard] September 4–20,

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