Fringe in Sketch: ÚUMBAL (Mariana Arteaga)

Winding through a South Philly neighborhood from 5th Street between Shunk and Oregon to Mifflin Square, Úumbal: Nomadic Choreography for Inhabitants is an ambulatory dance performance wholly created by the people of this city and enacted by residents representing its diverse population. Come and dance along on September 13 at 7pm and September 14 at 4pm. The shows are free to the public.

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski (#bluesketches); see more and purchase at

Scan-190909-0001The dance starts in the middle of the intersection.

Scan-190909-0004Dance challenge. Boys in the middle.Scan-190909-0006

On the edge of Mifflin Square the dancers gather in groups of three. Mariana Hernandez, Bobby Block and Andrea Giraldo.

[Ambulatory performance starting on 5th Street between Shunk and Oregon] September 7–14, 2019;

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