Music in Sketch: Zaccai Curtis Quintet (Exuberance Music)

The music in the Exuberance Music space is fashioned to set the bar for the finest taste in design and sound. The home entertainment in this urban designed living room presents live jazz piano every month. The Zaccai Curtis Quintet was there when I visited the Northern Liberties speakeasy on July 12, 2019. As the crowd started to grow the host took the time to welcome any newcomers, and it gave me the message that it was a venue that gives artists the aspiration to deliver a remarkable experience to the guests. That felt honest to the artist, and paid homage to the site as a destination that will bring the future of great jazz improvisations to Philly.
Zaccai Curtis on piano and beat production machine at his fingertips, introduced a mix of cool and hot jazz. The saxophone was leading the way to a jammin’ solo by each of the musicians. Joe Dyson on drums, Mike Boone on Bass, Craig Handy on saxophone, and Brevan Hampden on congos is the sound of Zaccai PROJECTIONS. A new album release in August is coming soon called ALGORITHM by the Curtis Brothers produced by Truth Revolution Records. It has Zaccai Curtis and Luques Curtis playing with collaborators that have helped craft their inspiration and soulful afrocuban music.
This was Zaccai PROJECTION and they unfolded tales about the discipline of their mentors of a diverse set. “When they want a Cuban sound it better be that, or when they want Afro-Cuban it better be that… or they would say I don’t know what you were playing but if I ask for blues I want the blues!” I was just schooled in how specific and demanding fusion can be. At the peak of the night, I was hypnotized by this one note ostinato right in the middle of a riveting whimsical ensemble. The playlist ended with Africa by John Coltrane.
Exuberance music is a salon style jazz gathering by invitation only. Subscribe to their monthly invitational jazz sessions by visiting It is a crowd funded jazz piano performance in the intimate home.

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