Circus in Sketch: XOXO MOONGIRL (Almanac)

XOXO MOON GIRL by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre devised a way to make the most delightful personalities into the most destructive types of humankind.
xoxomoongirl (1)An acrobatic show with a slightly humorous, yet a serious smirk that hides a dark story, XOXO MOON GIRL was about clowning in face of troubled memories, and Nicole Burgio performs silk acrobatics to recollect the perspective of flighty thoughts. The physical strength and mental thread between existence and being hung up with the past projected wishful thoughts of overcoming self-destructive tendencies. There was a sensitivity delayed in the introduction of a quirky blank expression. Burgio was dressed in all white, and asked the audience to stop her if she went too far before knocking over a glass of milk at the edge of the table. Her point was that the risk of spilling the milk, going over the edge, and pushing the limits was something we should be used to if we do not want to become slaves to our insecurities.
xoxomoongirl 2In any case, this is the downtrodden hero. A flexibility in articulating our dreams and experiencing a common human right can be as far-fetched as floating in outer space. This is how Nicole Burgio displaces her post-traumatic stress disorder. A portrait of a dysfunctional family, XOXO presented an illuminating slice of humanity. 
xoxomoongirl 1

[Funicular Station 416 W Coulter Street] June 14-23, 2019;

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