Theater in Sketch: GINTRY (Die-Cast Productions)

The lineup for this year’s SoLow Fest brought us to another great time at Quig’s Pub with Gintry; a play with drinks performed by David Strattan White (Die-Cast Productions, June 13–23, 2019).

gintry 2 (1)
Truth and fiction mixed into GINTRY; A PLAY WITH DRINKS, by David Stratton White by shaking up some gin drinks and naming them after the sorry, washed up souls living in a gentrified neighborhood. A sorry customer at a bar in Point Breeze became the focal point to the de facto of under privileged neighborhoods bought up by upper middle class dilettantes. The high strung bar tender unleashed a few memorable moments of the patrons, one of them of the name of Willie, that had come and gone looking for relief from external pressures. The gentry taste in six gin drinks are the duration of a cathartic tangent into the conscience of the bartender that charges the price it takes to push the working class out.
gintry 1
We tried some gin drinks and unmasked a power struggle in that it revealed the conscious of the man behind the bar. The guilty pleasure behind GINTRY exonerated the discrimination of bougie investments on a low-income neighborhood. The consequences of overlooking the facts undeniably tied to the lack of responsibility for the well being of the working person working for a wage projects screens that partially obstruct illegitimate activity. The value of a drink with the transaction of money for a little relief distracts us from the true immorality, which takes effect. It only depends on who is really benefiting from it. While our bartender rinsed the glasses at Quig’s pub, he showed a less direct inhumanity for participating in this vicious cycle. He does not do anything about it; we still feel for his dignity.
[Quigs Pub] June 1323, 2019;

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