[75] REGGIE’S BRODIE: A VAUDEVILLE EXTRAVAGANZA (Cut House Productions): Fringe review

Kristen Minsky at REGGIE'S BRODIE. Photo credit: Bill Edwards
Kristen Minsky at REGGIE’S BRODIE. Photo credit: Bill Edwards. besquared.zenfolio.com

Is your only experience with burlesque the 2010 Christina Aguilera / Cher movie? Never fear: the good people of Cut House Productions are here to help, with a show so jam packed with goodness that they should have thought about calling it “Smuckers.” Instead, Reggie Bürgermüncher (Regan Brunetti) and company went with the title REGGIE’S BRODIE. What, pray tell, is a “brodie”? It means a couple of things. It can be a daredevil dive, or a total flop. But don’t worry, because this show is no flop.

The Absinthe Drinkers provide live backing music for all the acts, which include singers, strippers, dancers, sideshow performers, and a ventriloquist. There are cigar girls! Watch our excellent emcee Danny Borneo put out a butane torch with his tongue! Thrill to Reggie jumping into a pile of broken glass! All of it—the old carny bits, the corny jokes, even the selling of raffle tickets—is done with such class that this reviewer regrets not wearing a tie. The show runs much longer than billed, but instead of seeing that as a downside, just consider it more bang for your buck. [Ruba Club Studios] September 19-21, 2013, fringearts.ticketleap.com/reggies-brodie-a-vaudeville-extravaganza.

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