[58] OUT OF TIME (Colin Dunne): Fringe review

OUT OF TIME (Colin Dunne) Fringe review PhiladelphiaDim lighting, old motion clips, tap shoes, broad sounds, and internationally acclaimed Colin Dunne in the flesh, calling Irish dance “exhibitionistic”: these elements and more make up OUT OF TIME. Some might say putting on a 65-minute solo dance show is quite exhibitionistic, but for Dunne the show is not a pretentious display of skills. Instead, it is a step back in time into the history of traditional Irish dance.  Modern steps even make their way to the forefront of the show, in time (pun intended).

Since he was 10 years old, Dunne has used his moments in life to prove that Irish dance—and dance of all kinds—is “not just for girls”, as he says. He also projects that fierce passion, paired with a cause, can make a beautiful dream a reality. Above all else, the performance brings a question to the forefront for all who are watching: What will we do with our time before it runs out? [Painted Bride Art Center] September 19-21, 2013, fringearts.ticketleap.com/out-of-time.

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