Fringe in Sketch: PLUNGE (Brian Sanders’ JUNK)

Brian Sander’s JUNK presents PLUNGE in The Patio at 10th and Hamilton. Curated by the Ministry for Aesthetic Embellishments presenting anthrotropic artifactuals since 2060. See this dare-devilish physical theater this weekend on September 21st and 22nd at 10:30pm.

Scan-180920-0004Lounge chair dancing volume one. Alyssa Kennedy and Rimaj Todd.

Scan-180920-0010The two females then twerk with a life time accumulation of liposuction fat. Laura Jenkins and Alyssa Kennedy.

Scan-180920-0012A sexy dance in the tubs of water. Laura Jenkins.

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski. All originals are for sale. See more at; Instagram @thesketchbookreporter; Twitter @ajkrolikowski; and Facebook.

[Patio at Spring Garden] September 7-22,

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