Fringe in Sketch: CHICHI CHIP: an ode to the Gnarly (Philly Kerplop)

Philly Kerplop presents CHICHI CHIP (an ode to the Gnarly) in LOVE Park. An interactive performance featuring hip-hop dance and a live band. See their last performance on September 21st at 2pm or a rain date of 4pm that day.  It’s free and open to the public.


Vince Johnson yells in the mega phone instructions on being free. India Bernardino, Will Ferebee and Mark Wong run on by.

Scan-180918-0005Mark Wong’s chair dance interrupts lunch.

Scan-180918-0006Vince Johnson gives a massive high five to a fan.

Sketches by Aaron Krolikowski. All originals are for sale. See more at; Instagram @thesketchbookreporter; Twitter @ajkrolikowski; and Facebook.

[Philly Kerplop at LOVE Park] September 6-22,

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