MOONWRITERS: Local Women Writers (Rhythm & Bones Literary Magazine): 2018 Fringe review

Within the Art Church of West Philadelphia several local women writers perform their work in an illuminating, engagingly entertaining literary slam-dunk of an event. A relaxed ‘salon style’ atmosphere charged with excitement, much to the credit of MC Liz Zimmerman, sets the tone for the wonderfully, witty, warm, sometimes woeful and wacky readings and performances to come. Various intriguing genres, including some seriously celestial poetry, rant, lyrical raving and blog inspired reenactment, and perhaps a few not yet named—grip and grace the artspace with a glowing muliebral motif.

Lisa Zimmerman

Artists and selections featured include Rebecca Kokitus, whose poetry unfolds in the mind like a lucid dream; Liz Zimmerman’s zesty, rant style, kick-ass beat creations; Lora Bloom’s luminously lyrical, multi-dimensional sound enhanced odes, Britny Brooks’ brilliant passages ignite and light the night, and Christina Rosso, through her lambent prose tells what its like to be surpassed by a heavenly body (think ‘Barbie’).

Lara B. Sharp infuses truth with humor in the performance of her blog story “Poolside Johnny” about ugly ‘mansplaining’ ogler, also ending the evening with ‘Eulogy’ where the untold facts of the matter are literally written on the wall, and shouted from the crowd.

Projected images, lighting and sound effects contributed to a flowing, well balanced production enjoyed and appreciated by men and women alike. Moonwriters rule!

(Pssstt!! Heard a rumor that there might be a chance at catching a sampling of the above artists via ‘literary open mic’ every first Monday at Lucky 13 Pub in South Philadelphia…)

[The Art Church, West Philadelphia] September 16, 2018;


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