FIGMAGO (Meg Saligman Studio and Brian Sanders’ JUNK): 2018 Fringe review

figmago-SP-visual-art-1-1200x783For those who ever stopped to look up the giant painting on the wall of one of the buildings in Philadelphia and wondered how such an awe-inspiring artwork was created, FIGMAGO is the chance to peek into the artists’ minds and inspirations. The studio of Meg Saligman, a renowned award-winning mural artist, invites participants to walk around her studio filled with cans of paints, tools, pieces of her arts, and unique lightings. Then the studio tour takes a whole different direction and the guests are navigated to an unexpected and fascinating world of the artist’s mind.  

As we walk through narrow paths from room to room, a variety of forms of art such as drawings, crafts, shadow puppetry, and live performance by dancers navigate the audiences through the process of creating an artwork.  The whole journey feels surreal and magical, but the guide reminds you that the art is for everyone and each one of us and that anyone can be creative. It is clever and brilliant, and lots of fun.

[Meg Saligman Studio, 825 Bainbridge Street] September 7-22, 2018,


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