IN THE FOREST (Tangle Movement Arts): 2018 Fringe review

tangle-forestThe Sanctuary of the Rotunda is a warm and welcoming space with a dome ceiling and a circular wall. Colorful yawns catch the eye of the guests. Crafts made with white papers project light and shadow. Viewers start forming a forest around the stage sets. Through the forest of the audience, each viewer experiences the show in his/her own way. Some follow one performer. Others look around trying to witness every action that was happening 360 degrees around them.

Each performer has her story to convey. They speak their thoughts, dance, sing, march to recognize who they were, to speak up and share their feelings and to achieve their dream. The powerful and thrilling acrobatic performances on an aerial silk, a swing, and a hoop convey emotions that may have not been able to be illustrated otherwise. They encounter and interact with each other. The incidents are woven into a story of each performer, just as our lives are built by numerous experiences and moments that we have with those we come across for some reasons. The show tells a different story depending on what the viewers hope to see and where the viewers are in life.

[The Sanctuary at the Rotunda] September 12-15, 2018;


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