Fringe in Sketch: IN THE FOREST (Tangle Movement Arts)

Tangle’s acrobats navigate a world of secrets, shadows, trapeze, and aerial silks in the complexly interwoven circus story In the Forest.

Scan-180913-00010In the Forest’s set is crafted by interdisciplinary artist Jenna Reece, featuring thousands of yards of fabric and yarn donated by the knitters of West Philadelphia. The audience is invited into the center of this universe, for a circus-theater experience that unfolds in every dimension.

Scan-180913-0007When worlds meet, sparks fly: A scientist weaves her thesis out of fabric, yarn, and stolen treasures. A sphinx guards a palace of broken furniture. A farmer harvests her crop of colors, a wandering musician holds the key to every story, and a warrior strikes out to protect her sister.

Scan-180913-0003bSketches by Aaron Krolikowski. All originals are for sale. See more at; Instagram @thesketchbookreporter; Twitter @ajkrolikowski; and Facebook.

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