NIGHTMARE FUEL (Sarah Knittel): 2018 Fringe review

nightmare-fuelSarah Knittel locks eyes with the baby in the audience as she mimes ripping out her own baby, ripping off its head, and drinking blood from the decapitated body. “Mime is great,” she says elsewhere in her kick-ass, in-your-face NIGHTMARE FUEL. It’s one of several theatrical forms she mines in a punk-horror Fringe show which engages the audience (interaction galore!) and keeps the us engaged in a short-feeling 55 minutes. 

Knittel revisits the teenage diaries she and her friends explored in her last Fringe show, Dear Diary LOL. Wondering how we lost the excitement of our adolescence, she opens up her box of wonder (or some such premise: the details aren’t important, the ride is fun). Our search is thwarted by a denim jacket which forces Knittel to embody a gaslighting ex. How do we defeat him? Jizz in his face. Any volunteers?

[Panorama Philly, 5213 Grays Avenue] September 8-24,

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