CHAOS THEORY (Jessica Creane): 2018 Fringe review

Photo by Steve Serafian.

We’re in a mathematic lecture on “order and deterministic chaos” by a nervous, soft-spoken (sometimes too-quiet) academic played by writer Jessica Creane. “Chaos is the science of surprises”, Dr. Saoch tells us, and CHAOS THEORY has some surprises in store for the audience. It’s a interaction-heavy show and Creane’s schtick is part bouffon, part Triumph the insult dog, toeing the line between mocking humor and uncomfortable insults.

The reliance on audience volunteers yields some engaging moments, framed in a series of games, but too often Creane pushes moments past humor. At one point she asks “are you bored?” Um, a little. A piece which seemed full of promise in a five-minute preview performance strains to fill its 75 minutes and never devolves into the surprising chaos its title teases.

[New Liberty Distilling, 1431 N. Caldwalder Street, Kensington] September 6-8, 2018;

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