FIGMAGO (Meg Sagilman Studio): 2018 Fringe review


Sketch by Chuck Schultz.
Sketch by Chuck Schultz.

FIGMAGO is an escape off of the beaten path, an imaginative walking tour that begins to reveal unknown peculiarities about six muses that inspire muralist Meg Sagilman. Each room correlates with one of the six muses Meg Saligman found for her 2001 mural “Philadelphia Murals”. 

From the balcony, the muse sticks his head out from behind a painting. The tour is lead by the muse himself. The jester, the fool, and liaison of comedy, politics, poetry, or dance described this tour through the workings of an artist’s workshop. Dance company Brian Sander’s JUNK pushes the insane identification of artist’s habits with five dances around light, hoverboards, electricity, heart, and affinity.

[Meg Saligman Studio, 825 Bainbridge Street]September 6-23, 2018;;

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