MOMIX (NextMove Dance): Awakening your senses

Momix2_650x366MOMIX, the internationally acclaimed troupe of dance illusionists, returned to the Prince Theater for a limited run May 10-13, 2018.  Founded in 1980 and led by groundbreaking founder and artistic director Moses Pendleton ever since, the innovative and brilliant troupe challenges your expectations and awakens your mind.

The program showcases short segments of dance for two hours with an intermission. The titles of the first part read, Pleiades, Tuu, Marigolds, Pole Dance, Baths of Caracalla, Daddy Long Leg, Light Reigns and Paper Trail. A mystical and calming music filled the theater before the performance began and set the audiences up for the world of MOMIX. Whatever may have been imagined from the titles on the program would be totally betrayed. On the stage was an unexpected, unbelievable, and bewitching world of nature, where the three dancers in dazzling costumes with long poles became Pleiades in the outer space, and lovely and alluring marigolds bloomed and rustled in the air. In Paper Trail, letters and patterns in black and white were projected on dancers and ontp long rolls of paper. All of the elements, the letters, the dancers, the papers, changed form as time lapsed, reminding us that changes are inevitable in any process of creation, yet a process which leads to new creation is also to be cherished.

The performance created by the illusionists who made miracles come true and dancers with astonishing physicality was revolutionary, cutting-edge, and unrealistically beautiful. What was on the stage was recreation of what exists in the universe: organisms; minerals; plants; animals that breath, live, and recreate.  Every single moment was captivating and awe-inspiring. MOMIX pierces stagnant minds and reconnects our sense of the modern world back to nature.

[The Prince Theater, 1412 Chestnut Street] May 10-13, 2018;

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