How New Technology Can Support Emerging Talent

vaultWith the reach of the social media and internet far and wide, the Vault Festival could reach many artists and brought them to London to showcase their talents. Jasper Bartlett, the head of Partnerships talks about how technology helped the festival reach far and wide and helped them to find a huge audience. Vault has risen to be a prominent festival in the theatre calendar and it’s been the talk of the theatergoers now. Theater has always been supporting new and emerging talents, but little is known about the impact of technology in the theater industry.

The Vault

Festivals are an important platform for artists to showcase their talents. It is always a pleasure for the audience who always welcome new stuff in all arts. But it’s important that they are affordable for the artists as much it is for the audience too. The Vault was launched for this purpose; for newcomers to perform without going bankrupt. When festivals such as The Vault is made affordable, the artists can experiment and explore new varieties without fear. This also helps the artist to evolve with the input from the theatre-going audience.

The Vault doesn’t take much of a deposit and 70% of the revenue goes to the artists themselves. This has made the Vault famous among the artists. Yet the creators of the Vault have resisted a rapid growth preferring to maintain its reputation. Keeping a low profile guarantees original and new shows in the festival. But the downside is that the performers only get less amount of time to impress the audience.

Issues faced by performers and critics

The short run time works against the artists when they want their work to gain the eyes of famous critics. Critics might also find it frustrating to understand and judge the artist in this short time. It makes it difficult for the critics to write a review for newspapers who prefer an in-depth review. The independent magazines and bloggers come into play here. But these go by volunteering and it needs dedicated work which not many critics can afford.

Stagedoor – Social Media for Theatre Critics

The only option to circumvent these issues is to create a venue for the independent critics and the bloggers themselves. Something like a social media for theatre critics. The Stagedoor App was created for this purpose. The Stagedoor is an IMDB setup for theatres. It lists the individual venues and artists. You can follow your favourite artist or writer. You can get to know about their work first hand and know when and where they are performing.

So, the top UK casino which houses a fantastic collection of online and mobile slots have taken the chance to brief on how new technology can support emerging talent. Critics can leave their reviews minutes after the performance. Or if you are an audience, you can leave your feedback too. This doesn’t mean there is no place for theatre journalists. This doesn’t replace the long, thought-provoking reviews. While you look for ways to encourage artists who can’t afford the big festivals, the Stagedoor is a venue to encourage audience and get them to the theaters.

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