[38] MORE SEX-ED BURLESQUE (Chlamydia dell’Arte): Fringe review

Chlamydia dell'Arte MORE Sex-Ed Burlesque
Gigi Naglak and Meghann Williams, Chlamydia dell’Arte

The delightful and hilarious ladies of Chlamydia dell’Arte—Gigi Naglak and Meghann Williams—would like to educate you. They would like to sing you a song about the etiquette of butt sex. They would like to get drunk and show you how to put a condom on with your mouth. They would like to warn you about the dangers of making “rapey” mix tapes for people you don’t even like in a sexual way. These things are important. MORE SEX-ED BURLESQUE is a goofy, kinky romp through the wonderful world of—duh—sex. Gigi and Meg will teach you about sexual safety (check those condom expiration dates, people!), properly composing an OkCupid message (don’t come on too strong, obvi), and the variety of sexual experience (dildos!). All this is done in hilarious sketches, dance numbers, and monologues. The girls have some costume changes but keep the flow with Real Sex–style video interviews with locals who speak frankly about their sex lives with both funny and enlightening results

.The Dive on East Passyunk is, aesthetically, the perfect place for this show, booze-filled and dimly-lit; but the small size of the place means tickets are going fast for this one, so get them now if they’re still available. MORE SEX-ED BURLESQUE is a blast and is not to be missed. Cheers to Gigi and Meg for staying true to both the silliness and the sexiness of true burlesque. [The Dive] September 10-19, 2013, fringearts.ticketleap.com/chlamydia-dellarte-more-sex-ed-burlesque/

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