[61] CAVIDAD (Enza DePalma): Fringe review :: Strangers in a Void

Excerpted from thINKingDANCE.net.

Cavidad, Enza DePalma, Fringe review
Photo: Corey Melton

There’s some strong male/female attraction buzzing through CAVIDAD, but it never loses its cool feel. The dancers come together in various combinations, relating, but keeping their distance, investigating—then separating.  In one duet, dancer Matthew Ortner lightly touches his female partner’s back, and she falls backward in a smooth hinge from the knee as he lowers her to the floor. Their reactive rhythms during this combination make me breathless.  The piece is filled with these moments. In the men’s duet, Ortner and F. Scott Stampone devour every bit of space, skidding across the floor to land on their backs, pausing there and giving me a chance to breathe with them. The naturalness of their bodies in this moment speaks to the high degree of skill all of the dancers bring: the technical demands are relentless but the dancing isn’t overly mannered…. Enza DePalma creates a fully-realized vision of an alternative reality—sound and light being two of the strongest elements she deploys in coordination with a distinctive choreographic voice…. Read the full review on thINKingDANCE.net.

[Fleisher Art Memorial] September 6-15, 2013, fringearts.ticketleap.com/cavidad.

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