Fringe in Sketch: UBU FAUST (Broderick Jones with Leila and Pantea Productions)

The puppeteer getting ready drinking whiskey. He is about to make a political statement and appear invisible as he stretches a black lining to cover his hands. What you are about to see is not his fault, but the spearhead of unlinked scenarios.


Every time you see this sign tell BOOM like an explosion! No, this is a person being catapaulted into space insignificantly.


He talks to the devil and a crimson look on the puppeteers face makes the exchange hellish. He lets his hands do the talking, and killing.

That face was grim, and it unleashed this voice that sounded deeply trouble. Your thoughts that should never be spoken, because it’s unfiltered nonsense that will cause confrontation in the world.





[Proscenium Theater at the Drake, 301 S. Hicks Street] September 20-23,

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