Best of Philadelphia Theater, 2009-2010

August 2 saw the announcement of the 2010 Barrymore Awards. I only saw about 25 plays by 10 companies this season, so my pool of plays is somewhat smaller, but here are my picks for the best of Philadelphia theater in 2009/2010.
—Christopher Munden

Best Play: Scapin (Lantern Theatre Company)
Honorable mention: The History Boys (Arden Theatre), Shining City (Theatre Exile).

Best Actor: Lorenzo Pisoni, Humor Abuse (Philadelphia Theatre Company)
Honorable mention: Frank X, The History Boys (Arden)

Best Actress: Charlotte Ford, An Evening without Woody Allen (1812 Productions)
Honorable mention: Kate Brennen, Angels in America, Part I (Bckseet Productions)

Best Supporting Actor: Pete Pryor, Any Given Monday (Act II Playhouse & Theatre Exile)
Honorable mention: Scott Greer, Shining City (Theatre Exile)

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Carson, King Lear (The People’s Light & Theatre Company)
Honorable mention: Sarah Sanford, Hunter Gatherers (Theatre Exile)

Best Director: Aaron Cromie, Scapin (Lantern)
Honorable mention: Terrence J. Nolan, The History Boys (Arden)

Best Ensemble: The History Boys (Arden)
Honorable mention: Romeo and Juliet (Arden)

Set Design: Santo Loquasto, Golden Age (PTC)
Honorable mention: Lisi Stoessel, The Weir (Curio Theatre Company)

Lighting: Thom Weaver, Shining City (Theatre Exile)
Honorable mention: Jason Lyons, Golden Age (PTC),

Sound: Jorge Cousineau, The History Boys (Arden)
Honorable mention: Mike Durkin and Jared Reed, The Weir (Curio)

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