Fringe in Sketch: RUNNING NUMBERS (Theatre in the X)

Theater in the X presents a drama about an inner-city high school senior whose dreams and desperation of going to college and overcoming his environment, lead him to fast cash and dangerous situations. See more sketches at

Scan-170916-0003The play is told in a series of flashbacks. Above, CJ (Jarrett McCreary) welcome his sister Bree (Corinne Love) home. Ma (Angelica Jackson-Thomas) is drunk and annoyed.

Scan-170916-0006 (1)Temptation 3 (Aurica Hurst) reacts to CJ standing up for himself.

Scan-170916-0004 (1)CJ (Jarrett McCreary) the master of numbers finds his sister (Corinne Love) being threatened by Kenny (Kyle Jackson).

See more sketches at

[Urban Park Building, 3780 Lancaster Avenue] September 15-16, 2017;

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