Fringe Preview 4: Fairmount Fringe

2013 Fringe Festival PhiladelphiaSite specific work, supernatural happenings, and something for the kids: the area north of Center City is rich in Fringe offerings for the 2013 Festival. The fourth Phindie preview takes a look at what’s on offer in these neighborhoods.

Fairmount Fringe (includes Art Museum Area, East Fairmount Park, and North Philly)

There are just four theater shows among the fifteen productions in this sprawling area, but they are choice. For kids four and up, Dragon’s Eye Theater presents the interactive adventure A Mystery? in Fairmount Park’s Smith Memorial Playground. Blue Suede Productions goes for a different demographic with Tennessee Williams’s tale of heartbroken transvestite Candy Delaney, And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens.

The Fringe has always been a great festival for site-specific work, with gems such as this year’s Spoon River Anthology at Laurel Hill Cemetery, the pick of the Fairmount Fringe. The historic cemetery is the perfect setting for Edgar Lee Masters’s collection of poetic epitaphs from the residents of fictional Spoon River. Laurel Hill is also a site for Jeffrey Stanley’s Boneyards (“paranormal activity guaranteed”) and the musical cabaret Six Feet (Above and) Under.

If you’d rather be celebrating life than death, Urban Saloon hosts two improv shows: pop-themed 1 Hit Wonder and booze-soaked Bye Bye Liver: The Philadelphia Drinking Play. For dance, check out one of four productions at the large, inviting Performance Garage, or the youthful exploration in Roots at Mount Vernon Dance Space.

The 2013 Fringe Festival runs September 5-22. See for tickets and info. Check out Phindie previews of other Fringe neighborhoods and more great festival coverage on our 2013 Fringe Festival page.

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