ANTIHERO (Tribe of Fools): 2016 Fringe review 32.1


Tribe of Fools returns to Fringe with a satirical look at the culture of comic book heroes. Directed by Terry Brennan, ANTIHERO analyzes the motivations behind our desire to do the right thing; what is the morally right way to wield authority and enact justice? With acrobatic stage combat, a tap dancing routine, and a constant barrage of pop culture references, ANTIHERO is sure to satisfy anybody’s nerdy side.

A comic book shop forms the backdrop of a dispute between Parker Peters (Kyle Yackoksi) and our vigilante-to-be, The Man With No Name (Peter Smith). Peters works for the Philadelphia Parking Authority with enthusiasm. He represents the rule of law, and his overly zealous distribution of parking tickets instigates The Man With No Name’s desire to enact vigilante justice—defending the weak and feeding parking meters. Feminist psychology student Jennifer Walters (Colleen Hughes) records their conflict—she attempts to be detached from her subjects, yet ultimately begins to see them as people rather than archetypes. ANTIHERO is light-hearted fun that touches upon serious topics.

[Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street] September 9-23, 2016;

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